Best Picture Books for Writers

Every Child is a Writer

Children want to write. Children as young as two years old make marks on paper to express their feelings and communicate with others. In fact, research has shown that the earlier adults encourage and support writing skills in children, the more successful those children are as writers later in life. Now that’s a good thing!

Just think of all the ways you use writing every day:

  • for practical purposes (like making lists or filling out forms)
  • to communicate with others (texts, emails, letters)
  • as a personal outlet (creative writing or journaling)

It’s important to remember to encourage all children to think like a writer from the start so that they see that writing is a part of their daily life. Helping to making that connection will really help children as they move through the grades.

How can you help a child? The first step is to inspire writing. One way to inspire children is through books about writing.

Picture Books about Writing

With the holidays rapidly approaching. I thought I would make several suggestions for you to inspire the writers in your life.

From choosing an idea, to creating a problem for their character to resolve,
to coming to The End, this book takes you step by step through the writing process.
This book shows a child how to plan, write, design, and illustrate its own book. There are lots of tips for characters, settings and creating the perfect title for their book.
The library is having a contest for the best story, and she just has to win that contest to meet her favorite author! But what makes a story the best? Everyone in the family has an idea about what makes a story the best.
The idea jar is where students keep their ideas— they can be anything. These ideas can be combined to make new exciting stories. But watch out when the ideas escape the jar.
Henrietta loves to read. One day Henrietta decides to write her own book. With the help of her three aunties, she hatches a plot. But when Henrietta publishes her story, the critics say she’s laid an egg! Is this the end of Henrietta’s career as an author?

Challenge – Think about the children in your life and share one of these books or show them some ways you use writing each day.

Check back next week when I will share some writing tools and resources for young writers.

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