Words Have Wings

Finley: A Moose on the Caboose

From the minute I saw the cover reveal for Finley: A Moose on the Caboose, I knew I wanted to read this picture book. Finley is so cute and children are going to love his character. I am excited to share this interview with all of you. Author interviews give us insight into the author’s … Read more

Picture Book Writing with AI

This week I attended two meeting with picture book authors. The topic of conversation was picture book writing with AI. Several authors were impressed by its ability to quickly produce large amounts of content. That is, content that is mostly accurate and mostly grammatically correct. I want to understand AI before deciding if it is … Read more

Selling Books on Consignment

I have been thinking about selling books on consignment. Specifically, my children’s books. Other authors are doing it, so I decided I should give it a try. Truth is, I know nothing about selling books on consignment. I didn’t understand how it worked or where I should begin. The good news is there are a … Read more

Story Monsters Approved Winner

Two Wins for Wiley has been designated as a Story Monsters Approved Winner. This award recognizes and honors authors in the field of children’s literature whose books inspire, teach, inform or entertain. Each book competes only against themselves and are judged on their own merit. Awards are presented only to entries earning the appropriate amount … Read more

Tell a Story Day

Tell a Story Day is a day to share our stories. Do you know someone who is a good storyteller? Maybe it was a grandparent, aunt, uncle, a friend or neighbor. The art of telling stories has been passed down through time and we learn how to be a good storyteller by listening to our … Read more

Rising Stars Picture Book Mentorship


Rising Stars Picture Book Mentorship program pairs agented picture book creators that are knowledgeable about querying, agent calls, author-agent relationships, being on submission, book deals, and contract language, with the next generation of children’s book authors and illustrators for an immersive, custom-made mentorship experience that is more than just a critique. I submitted my application … Read more

Long Island Authors Group

The mission of the Long Island Authors Group (LIAG) is to encourage, support, and promote authorship on Long Island and the New York area. This group of local book authors joined together to plan and implement activities and events that add to the availability of their books. Long Island Authors Group Bookstore is also the only … Read more

Spring Break

It’s Spring Break! I am taking a little time off from my weekly blog. I will be spending time with friends and family. I wish you all a very happy holiday. Enjoy every minute!

Writing Your Picture Book Title


Writing your picture book title is key to the success of your book. Sometimes the trickiest part of writing is figuring out what to call your book! I have been struggling with my story titles and decided that I needed to do some homework in the form of research. A trip to the library helped … Read more

Creating a Readers’ Guide

After publishing my first book, I was determined to make my book accessible to classroom teachers. I know that teachers are the busiest people because of my experience as a classroom teacher. I wanted teachers to use my picture book in their classrooms. Teachers need a resource that they can easily implement. It was important … Read more