World Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Day

Every year on October 24th, World Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Day is celebrated. It is celebrated in an effort to increase public awareness of the benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine found that one in ten adults had received acupuncture at least one time. Sixty percent … Read more

Story Monsters Approved Winner

Two Wins for Wiley has been designated as a Story Monsters Approved Winner. This award recognizes and honors authors in the field of children’s literature whose books inspire, teach, inform or entertain. Each book competes only against themselves and are judged on their own merit. Awards are presented only to entries earning the appropriate amount … Read more

Winning A Book Award

Authors write books for many different reasons: money, recognition, to teach, and sharing our stories. Winning a book award is one way to get validation and recognition for your book. Book awards can also be a great marketing tool. For my latest book, Two Wins for Wiley, I am starting to narrow down the field … Read more