Gifts To Inspire Young Writers

Are you looking for the perfect gift to inspire the young writers in your life?

I love giving gifts, and planning the perfect present for each person. Gift shopping is not always easy, but I do try to match the gift with the person. I love listening to children tell me about their interests. Then I try to find a gift that matches their interests. I also try to give a gift that is both useful and educational.

Many children like to write, yet others want nothing to do with writing. They may tell you that they have nothing to say or they do not have a good idea to write about. In many cases children do not have the tools to encourage writing.

I have an entire page on this website where I share some ideas for parents and teacher to encourage writing at home or in the classroom.

When we think of writing we picture a desk and chair for the child to write, but every child is different and has different writing needs and styles. One child may want to write like a news reporter or journalist and that requires different tools from the child who would like to write and illustrate a story. Below you will find some not so common writing materials.

For the child who would like to write an illustrate their own story. I recommend Illustory. I have used this with my own children and the results are terrific.
Not all children like to sit at a formal desk when they write. I was one of these children. I would write on my bed or on my floor. These portable desks are great for children to take outdoors or on vacation.
Clipboards can be used for all types of writing. Clipboards look official when a child is interviewing a parent or grandparent for a writing project.
I love these small notebooks. You can slip them in your pocket. Many writers use notebooks to record their thoughts and ideas. If they are interested in reporting they could collect facts – who, what, where, when, how and why.
Something as simple as adding color can also encourage children to write more.

There you have it. My list of favorite writing tools for young writers. If you have any additions, please let me know below. Happy Gift Giving!

Challenge – Check out some of the materials here and on my resource page and select just one addition to help encourage a child to write.

Check back next week when I will be posting about motivating adult writers with some books and tools.

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