My Favorite Children’s Books

Favourite Children's Books

Growing up I remember having a bookshelf of children’s books. At first it was sparse with only a few books, but as I grew so did my little library. Here are a few of my favorite children’s books.

The Tub People by Pam Conrad

The Tub People are 7 wooden toys that line up in the same order on the side of the tub every day. One day the Tub Child disappears and the family forms a search and rescue team. This was a bedtime favorite at my house. I think the fact that the toys line up the same way each day is what draws children to this story.

Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel

Tikki Tikki Tembo is a Chinese fable about two little brothers The book tells the story of a Chinese boy with a long name who falls into a well. It is a sort of origin myth about why Chinese names are so short today. I love this story because of the repetition of the big long name. If you read this story aloud to a group of children you will find them repeating the name aloud with you.

Corduroy by Don Freeman

Corduroy is the story of a teddy bear that watches as shoppers pass him by in the department store, however, he never loses hope that someone will buy him. Who doesn’t love a story about a teddy bear? I think the theme – not to judge others by stereotypes is one that children can easily recognize.  

Big Anthony – His Story by Tomie dePaola

From the day he is born, Big Anthony never paid attention when he should. As a boy, he left the gates of the farm open and all the animals escaped. I am a big fan of Tomie dePaola books and had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions. I learned so much about the art of storytelling from listening to him. Big Anthony is a character we can all relate to because we are not always paying attention.

Niagara Falls or Does It? ( Hank Zipster) by Henry Winkler/Lin Oliver

It’s science project time in Ms. Adolf’s class. This is good news and bad news for Hank-he loves science, but he hates the report part. Now Hank has found the perfect science project! But what he wasn’t counting on was his sister’s pet iguana laying eighteen eggs in the disassembled project. I love this series because Hank is a student facing some learning challenges. I have used this series to illustrate that all students learn differently. It was one of the first books that I gave my Godson that really helped him understand that it is ok to learn differently. I met Mr. Winkler at a conference and I have a signed copy of this book on my bookshelf.

Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia  by Peggy Parish

The Principal mistakes Amelia Bedelia as the substitute teacher, and he puts her in charge of the class for the day. Amelia follows the list of events and it is anything, but a normal school day. I love books about teaching and this is one of my favorites because of the spin on some of the things I do in my classroom every day.

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds by David Adler

Cam and her friend Eric are sitting at the mall when the jewelry store is robbed. She sees the thief, but the police arrest the wrong person. Can Cam’s photographic memory help to catch the real criminal! I love mysteries and I love how the mystery unravels page by page. This is a great series to introduce the mystery genre to children. It has long been a  classroom and teacher favorite.

Favourite Books

Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends by Stan and Jan Berenstain

A new cub, Lizzie, has moved to town and Sister can’t wait to become her friend. But when bossiness enters the mix, Sister and Lizzie’s new friendship might be in trouble. I love this book about friendship and learning to compromise. Like all of the Berenstain Bear Books children can relate to the characters while learning to solve everyday problems.

Now and Ben – Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin by Gene Baretta

Benjamin Franklin is responsible for so many of the inventions that we still use today. He started the first hospital, post office and fire department. He designed the lightening rod, invented bifocals and the odometer. This book shows you these inventions in Ben’s time and today. I must admit that Benjamin Franklin is my favorite historic figure. I have a number of books about Benjamin Franklin, but this one focuses on his inventions.

Flying Frogs and Walking Fish by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Have you ever seen a dog climb a tree? Or an octopus that walks? How about a spider turning somersaults? You will find them all in this book, along with other creature. This is a unique book with so many surprising things for children to discover. The illustrations are beautiful and the information is simple and engaging.

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