Picture Book Writing with AI

This week I attended two meeting with picture book authors. The topic of conversation was picture book writing with AI. Several authors were impressed by its ability to quickly produce large amounts of content. That is, content that is mostly accurate and mostly grammatically correct. I want to understand AI before deciding if it is a tool that I will use in my writing. Things are evolving quickly with AI. As of the date of this post, it is the most relevant information I was able to locate.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)

An AI writer is artificial intelligence software that is programmed to generate content. That content mimics what a human could create. It’s taught to replicate human-like text through natural language processing and machine learning. AI can interpret what you are trying to say based on your prompts, and generate content that meets your needs. 

The Pros of an AI Writer

It is quick and saves time

Using an AI Writer will free up valuable writing time. Time that you spend doing other things. It can take the average person several hours to create a quality blog post of over 1,000 words. I know sometimes I even spend more time considering my time researching. With an AI Writer the process is much quicker.

It helps with idea generation

As a writer, we spend a significant amount of time trying to come up with writing ideas. It’s challenging to consistently generate new, unique and creative content. My goal is create high-quality content for this blog. AI writers can be very helpful when it comes to idea generation, with its ability to create blog post outlines, headings, talking points and more. Some authors mentioned using an AI Writer to help them generate story ideas is one use and the other use is for generating possible book titles.

It can help your social media presence

AI writers are being used to generate unique and funny social media captions that will catch the attention of your followers. It can create Tweets, and video captions and ideas, making it a valuable tool for those who need an extra boost to their social media accounts.

The Cons of an AI Writer

It needs human assistance

While artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it’s important to note that it needs human assistance. It is not perfect. You may find that there are a few grammatical errors. The AI Writer requires guidance to give it some form of direction. By prompting the AI Writer, you ensure that it’ll produce content that is relevant to your needs.

It is not always accurate

Some AI writers produce content that is more reliable than others. Always cross check with a reliable source in order to ensure accuracy. Many AI writers include a plagiarism checker in their features; a very helpful tool for many users, will help make sure that the content generated by the AI is unique.

It is not very creative

AI writers are not yet capable of producing content that matches your unique writing style. They make use of the most common tones, along the lines of excited, professional, and funny. AI Writers may lack personality that we bring to our writing. Several of the picture books that an AI Writer has generated are dull, uninteresting and may not hold a child’s attention.

Thoughts …

AI writers are quickly becoming popular. They can produce large quantities of content in a fraction of the time that humans can. It’s important to note that it is better to use AI Writers with moderation rather than relying on them completely. I will keep an open mind when it comes to AI Writers, but for now, I will continue to write unassisted by an AI Writer.

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