(Redux) World Read Aloud Day

(Redux) World Read Aloud Day

On February 1, 2023, classrooms around the world took time to celebrate and honor the power of reading and sharing stories and expand the scope of global literacy. As Pam Allyn, creator of World Read Aloud Day, reminds us, “World Read Aloud Day celebrates the power, magic, and influence of the read aloud for children and teenagers…” In this (Redux) World Read Aloud Day post, I hope to explain a little more about the event, the value and how you can participate next year.

My Love of Read Aloud

As a former educator I loved reading stories aloud to my students. I think my love of reading stems from my own elementary school experience. I had teachers who always read aloud to the class. My 6th grade teacher read aloud to us almost every day. She read us The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Knights of the Round Table and Arabian Nights. These are books I might not have read on my own. I always enjoyed listening to her read aloud, answering our questions and helping us to better understand each of the stories.

Benefits of Read Aloud

The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children. Reading aloud is a practice that should continue throughout the grades.” Jim Trelease

Reading texts aloud helps build fluency, stamina, and vocabulary, it builds empathy, creates a lifelong love of reading, improves language and listening skills, and creates shared joy in the act of reading captures the memories of this wonderful day.

My World Read Aloud Day

Preparation is key for World Read Aloud Day. Social media was used to let my followers, some of which are teachers, know of my availability for the celebration. I took each page from Gertie Saves the Day and created a PowerPoint slide show to share with the students. Creating PPT slides and presenting to be the easiest way to share the book. In each classroom the book was the focus of the screen not me trying to read and turn pages.

My day began at 9:00 am. I virtually visited classrooms in Virginia Beach, North Carolina, Texas, Queens, New York and Maine. I was very impressed with each classroom that I visited. The students were in grades 1-4 and were very attentive and well prepared for my visit. The students asked many questions about my writing process, how I find names for my characters, what other books I have written and how long I write each day. After answering their questions I shared some of my favorite children’s books that other authors wrote. Each year that I participate in this wonderful event, I think it is the best yet! This year was no different. It was awesome!

Thoughts …

World Read Aloud Day was created by LitWorld.org and you will find a wealth of information about the celebration on their website. Scholastic also shares information and resources about World Read Aloud Day. If you had trouble connecting with your favorite authors I would suggest following them on social media. Beginning in January authors begin to post that it is time for you to sign up for our virtual readings. The earlier you sign up, the more availability authors will have on their schedules. This year I shared a blog post and a link for those who were interested to schedule a virtual visit. I had to turn several teachers away because my schedule was full. I am looking forward to visiting your classrooms next year!

Requests …

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