The Four Gift Rule Giveaway

The four gift rule is something new to me. From what I have read some parents follow this rule when it comes to gift giving. Each child receives 4 gifts:

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear

Something to read

I was inspired by this idea and decided to offer a giveaway with 4 picture books.This giveaway will help you with “something to read”.

Each of the 4 books I have bundled for this giveaway was written by an author from my Mastermind group. Yes, one of the books I am giving away is Gertie Saves the Day. These books were written to be shared with children and what better way to share them than to give them away. Remember books are the gift that keeps giving.

Let me share a little about each book. These books were written for children from ages 5-8, but can be read with younger children as a read aloud or with older children who just enjoy a good story. These books are the perfect gift for any child or for a special teacher to add to their classroom library.

The Four Gift Rule Books

How to enter the giveaway

One lucky winner will get all four Amazon Best Selling paperback picture books. To enter please check out my Instagram or Twitter (@drkarenn) for details. The giveaway will run from 11/26 – midnight 11/28. The winner will randomly be selected on Monday November 29th. US Residents only. Good Luck!

You can also support each author by purchasing any of these books by following the Amazon link provided.

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