Writer’s Notebooks Outside of the Classroom

Writer’s Notebook

The concept of a writer’s notebook is simple: 

  • All children need is a blank notebook and a pencil or pen.
  • Children write or draw in their notebook, for at least a few minutes each and every day.
  • It is an activity that encourages writing practice and nurtures creativity.
  • A writer’s notebook removes the pressure some children feel when they submit a final written assignment.
  • A writer’s notebook is a place for children to write  

Outside the Classroom

I would like to suggest that we extend writer’s notebooks outside of the classroom. Children can keep a notebook in their room, in their sports bag, or jacket. I would like to encourage children to write whenever and wherever inspiration strikes them. 


Here are some advantages to writer’s notebooks both in and out of the classroom. 

A writer’s notebook reminds children that they are writers. Children have thoughts, ideas, questions and stories that matter. 

A writer’s notebook is a safe place for children to take writing risks and to try new things. 

A writer’s notebook extends classroom learning and provides an opportunity for children to practice their writing skills.

A writer’s notebook will help children unlock their creativity.

A writer’s notebook will help children learn that writing is not just another subject in school. 

A writer’s notebook will help children to remember things like special memories.

A writer’s notebook will help children to acknowledge and share their feelings. 

A writer’s notebook will help children to ask questions and pose solutions. 

A writer’s notebook will help children learn that they are writers and writing can be fun!

Call to Action

If you would like to encourage children to be life long writers give them the tools they need to be successful. You can subscribe to my blog and be sure to visit and read the pages I have linked here and here. This is where I have made writing suggestions for students, parents and teachers to support their writers.

One of my writer’s notebooks

If you are planning a party and you are looking for some great party favors you can add a small notebook to help children get started on their writing journey. I have curated some ideas for you below:

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Challenge: If you are a writer and use a notebook for your own personal writing, share that information with a child you know? It might just make a difference in that child’s writing life. 

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