Words Have Wings

Organizing a Book Launch Team


At our recent mastermind meeting, some of the authors asked about organizing a book launch team for their picture books.  A launch team is a group of people who are going to support you and help spread the word. They could be social media followers, readers of your blog, friends or the members in your mastermind group. … Read more

Parts of a Book

The three main parts of a book are the front matter, body and back matter. These are often referred to as the book block. The block for our paperback contains all of the pages that fall between the front and back cover. It is important for authors to understand each of the three main parts. … Read more

Proofreading or Final Edits


The next step in getting our book ready for publication are the final edits or proofreading. In prior blog posts I have discussed Professional editing and Editing and Revising Picture Books. This last edit takes place once your book has been designed and is almost ready to go to the printer. A proofreader compares your … Read more

Cover Reveal


A cover reveal is a great way of piquing your readers’ or followers’ interest in your book before it is published. It can help to create some “buzz” and get people talking about the book. Cover reveals can give readers a first impression of the book and build anticipation for the book’s publication. It is … Read more

Lessons from Gertie Saves the Day


Lessons from Gertie Saves the Day could fill a notebook or two. Hard as it is to believe, it has been a year since Gertie Saves the Day was published. This has been an exciting year launching and marketing my first picture book. It has been a both a journey and an adventure. Gertie helped me to … Read more

Freelance and Ghostwriting

One of the most asked and frequently confused questions is the difference between freelance and ghostwriting. I am a freelance writer that is different than being a ghostwriter. Most people do not understand the difference. Want to know more about freelance and ghostwriting? Freelance Writing A freelance author is hired to write a story. A publisher finds … Read more

Summer Break

Do you want to know a writing secret? Writing is hard work and writers need to and should take a break. I will be taking some time off from writing this blog this month. I may even take a break from writing stories. Every writer needs time to rest, relax and regroup. I am calling … Read more

Advice for Working with an Illustrator

Working with an illustrator is not as difficult as you might think. As a self-published author I have learned a few things about working with an illustrator. I would like to offer you some advice for working with an illustrator. Partnership Think of your book as a collaboration. You have written the words and the illustrator … Read more

Purple Dragonfly Book Award


Gertie Saves the Day is now a Purple Dragonfly Children’s Picture Book Award Winner. The Purple Dragonfly Book Award is a worldwide competition to celebrate the best in children’s books. The contest is open to children’s stories in 56 different categories. It is awarded to books that are original, innovative, and creative in content and … Read more