Words Have Wings

Do you Believe?

Last weekend I attended the Believe Live 2023 Event in Niagara on the Lake, Canada. This event was designed to help authors and aspiring authors answer the question, Do you believe? There were guest speakers, success panels, exercises, activities and a workbook to help us answer the question – Do you believe? This event guided … Read more

Calling All Authors!

Calling all authors, especially picture book authors. Attending an author event is an opportunity to be inspired, connect with writers, and stay current on all things writing and publishing. As a bonus, you might even get a few tips about improving your writing. I will be heading to the Believe 2023 event shortly. This event … Read more

Happy 2nd Birthday Gertie!

As a former teacher, I believe that there is a lesson in most things. The lessons I have learned from Gertie Saves the Day could fill a notebook or two. Hard as it is to believe, it has been two years since Gertie Saves the Day was published. Happy 2nd Birthday Gertie! My launch date was September 8th and … Read more

Time for a Summer Break

It is time for a summer break. A writing break is any time spent away from a writing project. It can be a short break— a day, a week—or a long break, like a month or a year. Regardless, writing breaks can help you clear your head, get a fresh perspective, accomplish other tasks, or simply … Read more

Picture Book Comps

Picture book comps are a challenge, or at least they are a challenge for me! As an educator and parent, I have read thousands of picture books, but when it comes to finding picture book comps, I freeze.  Comps are my querying nightmare! What are book comps? A book comp in is simply a comparison … Read more

Writing a Picture Book Query

You have written your picture book manuscript. It has been revised and it has been through several edits. You are ready to submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher, but there’s one more step. You need to write a query letter. A query letter is a letter written for literary agents or editors asking if … Read more

Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother


From the minute I found out that Liliana was writing her second book, I knew I wanted to read Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother. This brother and sister are delightful characters who I met in Liliana’s first book, Octavia Can Do It! I am excited to share this interview with all of you. Author … Read more

Picture Book Activities


Picture book activities add fun to the reading experience. We know how to read a picture book, starting with the book cover. Children can tell you the title, author and identify the main character. After taking a picture walk they can predict what the story might be about. Then you are ready to read the … Read more

Reading Aloud to Children

One of my favorite things to do is reading aloud to children. As a former classroom teacher I read stories aloud several times a week to my class. My love of reading aloud comes from my parents reading stories to me and from my 6th grade teacher. My teacher read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, … Read more

Finding a Balance Between Writing and Family

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get excited about sunny days that are perfect for writing. But when school is out we often find ourselves with a house full of children. Finding a balance between writing and family can become a daily challenge. I would like to share a few tips and … Read more