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7 Reasons to Use Picture Books


Any reader, no matter their age or reading level, can read a picture book time and again, and still find something new within those pages. Picture books deserve a place all classrooms including upper elementary and middle school grades. Here are a few positive reasons you might want to consider using more picture books in … Read more

Early Literacy Skills and Picture Books

Picture books help in developing early literacy skills. There are many benefits for children who are in the early stages of learning to read.  1. Build language skills by expand vocabulary –You may not realize this, but your child is actually learning new vocabulary when they read an average picture book. This also works if you read … Read more

Writer’s Notebooks Outside of the Classroom


Writer’s Notebook The concept of a writer’s notebook is simple:  All children need is a blank notebook and a pencil or pen. Children write or draw in their notebook, for at least a few minutes each and every day. It is an activity that encourages writing practice and nurtures creativity. A writer’s notebook removes the … Read more

Teaching Letter Writing: Writing to an Author


Letter writing can be fun and is an essential writing skill. Writing emails and text messages may be popular, but everyone has to write a letter at some point. There are friendly letters, complaint letters, job application or cover letters and thank you letters to mention just a few. I think it is important to … Read more

New Book Authors


Let’s be honest post book launch is a bit of a let down. It’s a little like Christmas morning and all of the presents have been opened and you are not sure what to do next.   Everyone who has supported you during your book the launch has bought the book and moved on.  Some will ask … Read more

Interview with the Author-Karen Patricia Nespoli

Karen Nespoli

I have found from my many years of teaching that children ask the best questions. They are open and honest and get right to the point. What follows are my answers to questions that children have asked during author visits to my classroom or they have asked me about my book. I hope you will … Read more

Miriam Laundry-Mentor and Publisher


My next guest blogger is Miriam Laundry. As I have mentioned in a previous post, it was a free training from Miriam that changed my thinking about publishing my book. It was the best decision I could have made. She is a knowledgeable teacher and mentor. I have grown as a writer thanks to her … Read more

Illustrator Interview With Daniela Massironi


Hi! My name is Daniela Massironi and the illustrator who had the honor to bring to life Gertie Saves the Day. I am a freelance children’s book illustrator and graphic designer. I have been working in this wonderful field for 10 years. I am Italian and I live in Milan, a big city in the North of … Read more

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes


I guess you have been wondering why my blog posts have paused.  The answer is very simple. I welcomed a new granddaughter into our family on August 4th. It is very difficult to concentrate and write blog posts when you can be holding your new granddaughter.  While I have been on pause I have been working … Read more

Children’s Book Master Class

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing Knowing how much I wanted to be a children’s picture book author, my daughter sent me a link for a free training. Jack Canfield (https://www.jackcanfield.com), and Miriam Laundry (https://miriamlaundry.com) provided the training. To say that both presenters were inspiring and motivating would be an understatement. Jack Canfield inspired us as new authors … Read more