Encourage a Young Writer Day

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April 10th is Encourage a Young Writer Day. This national event gives teachers and parents an opportunity to help young writers use their ideas to create a story. Most children are natural storytellers. Their imagination and creativity allows them to come up with some of the best stories.  Reading cultivates imagination, vocabulary, and basic writing skills – three things that are important to writing and telling stories.

Get them a library card and/or buy them books

I am sure you have heard that the more you read, the more your writing will improve. Children can learn so much about the writing just by reading amazing books. Consider reading the same book as your child and talk about what you like in the stories and the style. One of the freebies on my website is a list of Best Picture Books About Writing A Story. Encourage your young writer to read a variety of genres. The more we expose children to various genres, the more comfortable and confident writers they will become. 

Create an inviting writing space

We as teachers and parents can help to grow a child’s writing skills by first setting up an inviting writing space. The purpose of this space, whether it is in a home or a classroom, is to have all writing supplies easily accessible, and organized for the child to use. This space will show the child that you value writing. Paper, pens, pencils are just the beginning. You can find a more complete list here.

Writers need tools, but they also need inspiration

There are a number of websites for writing prompts. Anything can be a writing prompt if you think about it, like a treasured object, an old photograph, a favorite memory. The idea is to spark a story, sometimes a story you already wanted to write. If you need some inspiration, check this out.

Don’t interrupt them

When you see your young writer on their laptop typing or writing a story, this is not the time to interrupt their train of thought. Allow them to give themselves permission to write. What they are doing has value, even if it’s practice. Even if it’s never published. Even if writing just makes them feel great.

Listen when they want to talk or share their stories

Be kind, supportive, and specific about the things that you like. Some children are shy while they are writing. It’s okay if they don’t want you to read it. if they ask for feedback, be sure you have their permission. Let them build on what they’re doing right.

Most importantly you should share your own writing with children

Writing helps us to become better writers. When we are able to share our writing we are better able to understand the struggles and triumphs that we share as writers.


Here are a few resources to help you celebrate Encourage a Young Writer Day.

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