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Book Launch Party Balloons for Two Wins for Wiley

Now that you have finished writing and publishing your amazing new book, you need to celebrate this accomplishment. How should you celebrate? You should celebrate with a book launch party. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should have a party, but my mentor encouraged me and I am glad she did. Gertie Saves the Day was launched during the Pandemic. I invited only a few family members and friends. It was held in my home and it was a night I will always remember. Many new authors are so busy thinking about the launch and the marketing that they do not plan for their celebration. For Two Wins For Wiley we are planning to have an in person launch party.

Checklist for your launch party

I am a planner and not very good at “winging it”. Lists help me to stay organized. I decided the best way to share this information is to share my planning checklist with you. You can decide which items you want to include for your launch party.

  1. Order copies of your book
  2. Select your venue, date and time
  3. Create or purchase invitations and invite guests
  4. Share your event on social media, or create a flyer to help spread the word
  5. Order swag for your launch team
  6. Create some fun – raffles, games and prizes
  7. Refreshments – what you are going to serve and be sure to place your order
  8. Purchase decorations and balloons
  9. Purchase flowers or centerpieces
  10. Create or buy a guest book to collect email address and to thank your guests
  11. Enlist the help of others for set up
  12. Prepare a welcome speech
  13. Decide if you will read your book and sign books during the party
  14. Decide if you have entertainment and book them for your event
  15. Finalize your RSVP list
  16. Have fun and enjoy the celebration

Here’s what you’ll need to bring to the book launch:

  • Your books
  • Decorations and balloons
  • Raffle prizes
  • Swag
  • Posters
  • Camera
  • Guest book
  • Speech
  • Pens for signing books

If you think about your book launch party the same way you would think of any good party and you are on your way to a great event. You want your guests to go home with a book under their arms and great memories from your party.

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Two Wins for Wiley will be launched tomorrow October 18th! We hope you will join us on social media and help us to spread the news about our new book.

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