Professional Editing

Professional editing is essential to the success of you book. When writing your first draft your goal is to get it all down on paper. Next comes the revision process. This is where we read for story flow, catch inconstancies, develop characters, insert missing information, eliminate redundancy, tighten up word choice, and revise, revise and … Read more

Editing and Revising Picture Books

Why edit and revise your picture book One of the most difficult things for me to do as an author is to edit and revise my picture books. To delete words, sentences and even paragraphs is very challenging. Word count is very important when you are writing a picture book. Right now many editors are … Read more

Critiques Fill the Silence

        The silence is deafening when you are waiting to hear about a manuscript you have submitted. Not hearing anything is the worse than the rejection. I found that critiques fill the silence.   Frustrated, yet determined, I continued to send my manuscripts out to agents and publishers. I was not about to give up on … Read more