Books Make the Best Gifts for Children

Books make the best gifts for children. Think back to when you were a child. What are some of your memories of gifts you received? I think we are all likely to remember the big gifts, such as your first bike, special doll, or game. You are also likely to remember something else — the books you received. For me, it was my first pair of ice skates and a book about a girl who was learning to ice skate. I also remember sitting with my aunt as she read the book to me. This book became one of my favorites. A memory was created that day. Every time I see a children’s book about ice skating, I think of that book and my aunt.

If you are a parent or have a child in your life, you know a gift of a book does not hold the same weight as the latest electronic game or trendy toy for that special occasion. But if you’re looking for something that never needs batteries, can travel anywhere, inspire and create a lasting memory, then you can not go wrong with a good picture book. 

Why Books Make the Best Gifts

Educational Benefits

There are educational benefits that children get from reading. Books stimulate a child’s imaginations and expands their understanding of the world. Reading also helps children build emotional intelligence. When they read about a character who has to make a hard choice, they witness invaluable skills in action.

Children’s books can also: 

  • introduce children to new places 
  • encourage their creativity 
  • start conversations
  • expand vocabulary
  • nurture imagination 
Make Connections

Children have many different interests, and you can find a book for their unique interest. Whether they love ice skating, fun facts about animals or want to learn how to make something, you can find a book for their interest. When reading books about things that interest them, children are that much more likely to enjoy the reading experience.

Books help children to make connections to the real world. They can see characters like themselves in situations that they may be experiencing. It helps them to see how the character solves the problem and that there are many solutions

Books Bring Us Together

There’s nothing better, in my eyes, than sharing a book with children. As a classroom teacher, my students looked forward to our reading time together. As a parent, it was the best part of my day. Making reading part of our consistent routine gave us a special bond. My students would often say, “Remember when you read us that story.” It made a difference in their lives. With my daughter I enjoyed reading with them and to them and having lots of snuggling time.

Be sure to share your favorite books too! I am sure that you have memories of your favorite books. Share those memories with children. You can talk with them about your childhood and why you these books hold a special memory for you. It is also great to talk about the characters in the book and what you liked about the story.

Books Can Be Enjoyed Over and Over

How many times have you brought home a toy, only to find it hiding in a corner or stuffed under their bed a few days later. Books can be shared with cousins, family members, classmates and friends. Children have their favorite books, there is no doubt about it, but often when they reread a book and share it, they notice or learn something different each time.

Picture books appeal to older children too. When you share picture books with older children they want to read it by themselves. Most children remember the adult that read that book to them. Sometimes they want to read it aloud to younger children. Reading aloud benefits both the reader and the listener.  By giving a book to a child you are giving them a gift they are likely to treasure forever.   

Thoughts …

As a former teacher, I know the importance of a classroom library. Having books at different levels are beneficial to all readers. Teachers love receiving a gift of books. It is one of the best gifts a teacher can receive. When you are thinking of a gift for a special teacher, a gift of a book will make them smile.

With gratitude …

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A Call to Action … 


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