Wrapping Up Children’s Books

Wrapping up children’s books for the holidays can be lots of fun. With some creativity you can add a personal touch to your gift book. From designing your own gift wrap to adding memorable trinkets, a book can be transformed into a much loved gift. Check out some of my favorite ideas.

Wrap with Goodies

Adding a small, meaningful object or toy to your package is always better than a bow, and it’s super easy.

1. Add a small toy

Top off your gift with a tiny stuffed animal or something memorable from the book. It can add to the mystery of the gift. Children can use the toy as a clue to what is hidden in the box.

2. Add a treat

Hot chocolate goes nicely with a new book. Why not add the fixings for hot chocolate, including mini marshmallows. If you know the child has a favorite treat you can include that with the book.

3. Add money

Children usually fall in love with book characters, such as Pete the Cat. If you add money or a gift card with the book, the child can use the money to pick out another book in the series. That’s a win in my book.

4. Add an event

This does not need to be fancy or expensive. If you give a child a book about animals perhaps you can add tickets for a trip to the zoo. If the child loves all things under the sea, maybe tickets for the aquarium.

5. Autographed copies

Authors love to personalize their books and most children love to collect autographs. You can ask the bookseller if they have any autographed books or you can sometimes contact the author or pick up autographed copies at an authors event.

6. 12 Days of Books

12 Days of books, 8 days of books for Hanukkah or 7 days of books for Kwanzaa is a great way to build a child’s library. This does not mean you need to go out and purchase brand new books. Head over to the used bookstore and pick up several inexpensive books. Wrap each book separately and put them in a pile. The child can open and read one book each day you celebrate.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap Paper 

1. Turn plain paper into gift wrap

With a large piece of plain paper, you can use a black marker to draw a design on it to be colored in by the child. Attach some markers, crayons or colored pencils and you have a special gift. Artists of all ages will enjoy both the gift and the wrappings!

2. Box it up

I am famous for a box inside a box wrapping. You can wrap the book and put it in a box. Then, wrap that box. Find another box and … You can keep adding wrapped boxes, but I usually stop at 4.

3. Hide it in a pillow

Recently, I was at a holiday festival and a woman was selling book pillows. These personalized pillows have a special pocket where a child can put their book and keep the pillow on their bed. They are available online and they are great for all ages. Yes, even adults.

4. Paper Bag Puppet

You can put the book in a paper bag and use googly eyes and a pom pom to turn the bag into a paper bag puppet. Use your imagination to create one of the characters from the book. The child will enjoy the puppet and the book.


E-books are gaining in popularity. I remember packing my books for vacation which made my suitcase very heavy. E-books have solved that problem! If you know that the child will be traveling during the holidays, e-books will be welcomed by parents. Whether the family is driving, flying or taking a train, books make the ride go faster.

For wrapping an e-book, I think any of the suggestions above will work with a little twist. I suggest making a copy of the cover of the book. Place the copy in a box and wrap with any of the above ideas.

One of my favorite ideas is to include a notebook and writing utensils. I like to encourage children to be writers. The child can write a different ending for the story they just read, or write a different story about the character. The child can also use the notebook to record events from their trip or to interview family members when they arrive at their destination.

Thoughts …

It really does not matter how you wrap up a children’s book. It is sure to be a gift that they will read, share and talk about. If you purchase books for children, I would love to know how you made it extra special. Did you use one of my ideas or did you have an idea that I can add to my list? Please let me know below or email me. I love hearing from readers.

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