Harsh Critiques

Have you received harsh critiques from fellow authors? Most of the time the critiques I receive are very helpful pointing out strengths and weaknesses. Just this week I received a harsh critique that stated my premise was silly because cats do not wear glasses. They went on to say, I had a blatant disregard for … Read more

Editing Hacks

Editing your picture book is more than using spelling and grammar checks. If you take the time to learn and incorporate better self editing techniques, you can become a stronger writer. I appreciate those who choose to be an editor. The editors I have worked with, truly enjoy their work. A good editor understands what you … Read more

The Sticky Note Approach

It’s a new year and I decided to try a new approach; the sticky note approach to writing a picture book. I have long admired those writers who use sticky notes and while I am a notebook type of writer. I am trying something new and different. One of the most important elements of writing … Read more

Proofreading or Final Edits

The next step in getting our book ready for publication are the final edits or proofreading. In prior blog posts I have discussed Professional editing and Editing and Revising Picture Books. This last edit takes place once your book has been designed and is almost ready to go to the printer. A proofreader compares your … Read more