Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother

From the minute I found out that Liliana was writing her second book, I knew I wanted to read Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother. This brother and sister are delightful characters who I met in Liliana’s first book, Octavia Can Do It! I am excited to share this interview with all of you. Author interviews give us insight into the author’s writing process. Interviews help readers to better understand how and why their stories were written. It is like a little peek into the world of an author.

Short Summary of the Book

Discover the joy of siblinghood with Octavia and Ludovic in Octavia andLudovic Welcome Baby Brother! Reading this book will take readers on a fun journey as they follow the story of Octavia and Ludovic as they learn how to welcome a new baby brother into their family.



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Short Bio:

Liliana Tommasini is a member of SCWBI and CANSCAIP. She wrote the
award-winning children’s book Octavia Can Do It! which is the first in a
series aimed at empowering children to make their own choices and seek
help when necessary.
Liliana is also a wife, mother of two daughters, and Nonna to three
grandchildren. She lives in Quebec with her husband and red golden
Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother is the second book in the
Octavia Can Do It! Series.

When did you realize you wanted to be a children’s book author?

When I began reading children’s books to my two older grandchildren. I wanted to write a book that they could relate to by making them the characters of their story.

Do you remember the time you actually said, “I am an author!” What was that feeling like?

The time I actually said that I was an author is when I introduced myself as a children’s book author at a bookstore. It felt unreal!

Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas come from my grandchildren’s childhood experiences.

How do you select the names of your characters?

So far, I have used the names of my grandchildren.

What inspired this book?

The birth of my third grandchild inspired me to write this book. My first book, Octavia Can Do It! is about Octavia and her brother Ludovic.

Talk about this book

Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother is about how the different ways Octavia and Ludovic adapt to having a baby brother in the family. Octavia, being the older sister, wants to prove she can take care of the baby while Ludovic is content to just play with him.

How many picture-book rough drafts do you have?

Will you keep them on the shelf or try to edit them?

Right now I only have an outline of the third book in the series.  I plan to join the 12 X 12 challenge next year to be inspired to write a draft each month of the year. 

My priority will be to write and edit the draft of the third book before editing any other drafts I will write.

Tell us about your publishing experience.

My publishing experience has been quite an educational journey. I am fortunate to have joined the Miriam Laundry Publishing team who provided me with knowledge and support. The author community is also very supportive of each other.

What’s next for you?

For the next year I will focus on marketing by two books and writing my next book. I also would like to become an Author Coach so I can help authors achieve their dream of writing their first book.

What advice would you give a writer working on their first book?

When you get an idea for a children’s book, follow it through. Inform yourself on the writing/publishing process. Join author communities
for information and support. Stay focused and do not get discouraged by any setbacks (if any) along the way to holding your book in your hands.

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Thoughts …

Octavia and Ludovic Welcome Baby Brother is a cute, funny book about adapting to a new sibling. This is the perfect book for summer reading, gift giving and would be a wonderful addition to any classroom library. 

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I am so glad you’re here and I thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am grateful that I can share my writing journey with you. 

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