Purple Dragonfly Book Award

Gertie Saves the Day is now a Purple Dragonfly Children’s Picture Book Award Winner. The Purple Dragonfly Book Award is a worldwide competition to celebrate the best in children’s books. The contest is open to children’s stories in 56 different categories. It is awarded to books that are original, innovative, and creative in content and … Read more

Bringing Your Picture Book to Life

Bringing your picture book to life with beautiful illustrations is the next step for a self-published picture book. If you are publishing through a traditional press, their editorial team will pick and assign you an illustrator.   New Book Our new book, Two Wins for Wiley, will be launched this fall.  Typically, agented illustrators need a few months … Read more

How to Write a Picture Book Review

How to write a picture book review is not as difficult as you might imagine. Everyone has an opinion about the items they buy. Reviewers are candid and honest, but when it comes to leaving a review about a book they enjoyed … they almost always stop. Reviews are critical to authors on Amazon, especially … Read more

Grab Your Readers Attention

You have written your picture book, but does your beginning grab your readers attention? Editors and agents to whom you are pitching your book specifically look for how you hook your reader. You want your reader to want to turn the page and keep reading. Here are a few suggestions. Start quickly Picture books are … Read more


Learning about your favorite authors and their books can be lots of fun. Author interviews give us insight into the author’s writing process. Interviews help readers to better understand how and why their stories were written. This week I would like you to meet Candace Spizzirri author of Fishing with Grandpa and Skye a books that explores … Read more

Professional Editing

Professional editing is essential to the success of you book. When writing your first draft your goal is to get it all down on paper. Next comes the revision process. This is where we read for story flow, catch inconstancies, develop characters, insert missing information, eliminate redundancy, tighten up word choice, and revise, revise and … Read more

A Brief History of Underpants

Author Interviews are a fun way to learn about authors and their books. Interviews can give us insight into the author’s writing process. Author interviews help readers to better understand how and why their stories were written. This week I would like you to meet Christine Van Zandt author of A Brief History of Underpants a … Read more

Marketing Your Picture Book

Marketing your picture book continues well after your book is published. The goal is to continue to market your book if you want to sell copies of your book. In my last post I discussed creating a media kit or a press kit for newspapers or podcasters. Now I would like to share how the … Read more