Why I Write Badly

Maybe the reason why I write badly is this typewriter; it has been in my family for years. Or maybe I am not just not a good writer. Does that sound familiar? The last two stories I have written were not very good, in fact they were BAD! I have been looking for someone or … Read more

Winning A Book Award

Authors write books for many different reasons: money, recognition, to teach, and sharing our stories. Winning a book award is one way to get validation and recognition for your book. Book awards can also be a great marketing tool. For my latest book, Two Wins for Wiley, I am starting to narrow down the field … Read more

World Read Aloud Day

Are you ready for World Read Aloud Day?  This year World Read Aloud Day will be on February 1, 2023.  World Read Aloud Day is an annual celebration bringing attention to the importance of sharing stories by challenging participants to grab a book, find an audience, and read-aloud! Reading out loud to kids is a fun way … Read more